United Kingdom


Study in United Kingdom

The UK is made up of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern Ireland, and is one of the 27 member states of the European Union (EU).

  • Country United Kingdom
  • Capital Cities London : England
    Edinburgh : Scotland
    Cardiff : Wales
    Belfast : Northern Ireland
  • Area Land and water: 242,900Km2
  • Population The UK approximately 60.6 million (England 50,714,000; Wales 2,977,000; Scotland 5,108,000; Northern Ireland 1,733,000).
  • Language English, Welsh, Scottish form of Gaelic.
  • Major Cities The major cities are London, Edinburgh, Bristol, Belfast, Plymouth, Cardiff and Glasgow.
  • Time Difference London 4 hrs 30 min behind IST
  • Currency The official currency of UK is Pound Sterling. 1 = Rs.100.41/- (Approx. as on June 2022).
  • Cost of Education & Living The cost of education in U.K. is between 6500-8500 for Undergraduate Courses and between 8000-10000 for Post-Graduate Courses. The cost of living is approximately 5000 6500 per year, this covers all the living expenses; including accommodation, food, travel, books, clothes and entertainment.
  • Geography & Climate There are four distinct seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. On the whole, it is fairly temperate, and temperatures rarely fall below 5' C and rise above 32' C. The climate is mild and the rainfall is not spectacular. The least hospitable months for visitors are November through February - it's cold and the days are short. March and October are marginal - there's more daylight but it can still be very cold. April to September are undoubtedly the best months.

Some Salient Features

  • British Education is famous for its academic excellence.
  • British Standards are among the highest in the World. It is distinctive, diverse and flexible.
  • Students are legally allowed to work part-time during the studies.
  • Indian 3-year degree is acceptable directly for Masters programs.
  • No GRE/GMAT/ SAT required.
  • Admission is possible in some institutions without TOEFL/ IELTS also.
  • In UK all Masters courses are of 1 year and all Bachelors courses are of 3 years, unlike other Countries where Masters are of 2 years and Bachelors of 4 years.
  • Excellent post qualification prospects.