Spoken English


Spoken English overview

English Oral Communication

Students will focus on speaking (vocabulary development and pronunciation) and listening skills.

Some writing and grammar will be included. An interactive approach will be used to involve students in conversations, and the small class size (approximately 12-15 students) and supportive environment will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to develop their communication skills.

Five levels are offered: From Beginner (1) to Advanced (5)

English Written Communication and Grammar

Students will focus on improving their English writing and grammar and will practice by writing a wide variety of documents. These include workplace documents such as email and letters as well as personal journals and opinion articles.

The overall goal is to improve the students confidence in their own writing by practicing as much as possible, learning self-correction techniques, and developing a stronger foundation of good written English.

Three levels are offered: From Low-intermediate to Advanced Students who are beginners must study English Oral Communication prior to English Written Communication and Grammar

English Pronunciation Workshop

This course provides intensive pronunciation practice for anyone who wants to improve the clarity of their English speech. The primary focus of the course is improvement in word-stress and phrase-stress, intonation, and the rhythm of English speech. In addition, there will be individual and class work on vowel and consonant sounds throughout the course. Strategies for practicing and improving your pronunciation outside of class will also be introduced.Pronunciation practice will include individual, large group, and small group work during class, recorded and written homework assignments, individual tutorials arranged as desired with the teacher

This course is designed to complement the English Oral Communication program although anyone may register.

Returning students may register for the next level.


Upon completion of the course, the students will perform satisfactorily in the following areas:

  • To improve students' pronunciation through phonics, drills, activities, and songs.
  • To expand students' practical vocabulary.
  • To improve students' fluency through in class speaking activities and debates.
  • To correct common grammatical errors in spoken English.

Benchmark Skills Specifically Assessed

  • The ability to construct and sustain simple arguments
  • The ability to communicate effectively in oral English in a variety of situations
  • Pronunciation, intonation and vocabulary
  • Grammar and sentence structure

Free English *

IELTS Students may enroll under the FREE English scheme. Under the scheme if the student has enrolled in an IELTS program at XPOZER then he/she is entitled for English coaching at no additional cost.

Salient features

  • Experienced faculties
  • Personalized Attention
  • Small Batches
  • Air Cooled Classrooms
  • Results oriented Coaching
  • Flexibility of batches
  • New batch commencing every week