Personality Development Programme


Personality Development Programme overview

Scared of Facing the Audience?

Imagine yourself holding an audience spellbound for an hour!
Public Speaking Training - The Art of Speech Making

In today's corporate and competitive world, technical and job related skills are a must but they are not sufficient when it comes to progressing up the ladder. Professional managers expect their employees to have something extra which we call soft skills.

Personality development is a term which refers to personality traits, social graces, facility with language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that mark people to varying degrees. Development in personality plays a significant role in one's success in life.

In addition to key competencies like strong analytical skills, reasoning skills and a proven ability to manage complex information that employers are looking for, an overall personality development includes :- Soft skills are internal and innate. However they can be developed through proper training and the required aptitude.

Our Public Speaking and Personality Development Course is designed for both the inexperienced presenter and for experienced members of a company or organization as a refresher. This public speaking and personality development course will eliminate any fear which is caused by lack of experience in public speaking and will noticeably improve each participant in their communication skills, presentation skills and speaking skills. Our extremely interactive classes focus on speech proper preparation, structure, delivery, and strategy, the exact use of visual aids, and handling questions & answers.

Who is this Personality Development Course for?

This Personality Development course is for the Employed, Self-Employed, Professionals (CAs, Drs, IT exe, etc) and all those who have to face public and want to build confidence.

Benefits of the Public Speaking, Personality Development and Presentation Skills Course

  • Increased ability to overcome anxiety and nervousness when preparing for public speaking.
  • Increased confidence in public speaking with one to one/ one to a few/ one to a many.
  • Ability to control and use your voice in a more effective manner through voice modulation.
  • Knowing new techniques to enhance your public speaking style
  • Improved English grammar, tenses and vocabulary and fluency in speaking
  • More awareness of interpreting verbal and non-verbal signals to the audience
  • Improved dressing sense
  • This public speaking course trains you on convincing people to your point of view
  • Making your meaning clear tothe audience by keeping them focused on you and your message would be easier after this public speaking course
  • Speak naturally, smoothly and fluently while all are watching you
  • Making and maintaining eye contact with the audience

Course Content

Our Public Speaking Course and Personality Development Training programme is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients depending on their personal/organizational requirements and their existing skills.�Public Speaking and Personality development Course includes:

  • Preparation for public speaking like speeches, laptop presentations, award acceptance, award giving, impromptu speech.
  • Use of visual aids in presentations
  • How to start a talk, middle body and end the talk
  • Making talk to convince
  • How to become Master of Ceremonies
  • How to develop sense of humour
  • Memory building techniques
  • Improving English
  • Corporate dressing sense
  • Time management
  • Table manners
  • Group discussions
  • Interview Techniques
  • Using voice modulation when public speaking: diction, intonation, rhythm and pacing
  • Using gestures and non-verbal communication in public speaking
  • Strategies for confidence building and removing anxiety of public speaking


  • Motivational Training (no lectures or monologue)
  • Role plays, demonstrations and exercises.
  • Encouraging individual participation on stage to give presentations in every session.
  • Games related to the topic to make learning easy and fun.
  • Power point slides and video clips.
  • Question-Answers at the end of every session.
  • Relevant one-liners to make the session lively.
  • Interview Techniques.
  • Home Assignments.